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The Guild is always interested in preventing good Meccano going to waste. If you have any Meccano to re-cycle, please contact the Secretary.

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 NWMG Events Aug. to Dec. 2013

The meeting was attended by 19 members. The whole of the area normally available was filled with models.  Ones, not mentioned before, included a Demonstration Model of a 4-Stroke Motor Cycle Engine by  Jon,  a Scamell ”Mountaineer” Tractor (not quite finished} by Geoff., a  90 ton  CAT Mining  Dump Truck by Les. Sr. and Ian Corlett’s start on a Skip Lorry. The usual generous portions of hot-pot and apple pie  were served by Jean and her assistant.  

  The Guild welcomed Nicholas Petter, a research student from the Royal College of Art who is doing research into the design of boyhood in the mid twentieth century and is using Meccano and Meccano Magazine as his central case study. He spoke to many of the members present about there experiences with Meccano and the magazine. We had hoped for two other guests but they were unable to come.

       Some Meccano donated by a visitor to the Smallwood Rally, was put on sale and raised a useful contribution to Guild funds.  Some members also had Meccano for sale.

    The question of whether to make the Guild’s financial year correspond with the calendar year was discussed but no decision was made.

Dick Watson was elected as the new Webmaster, the necessary files were successfully passed from the Chairman’s computer to the new Webmaster’s. After some delay due to a defective battery, the new Webmaster was able to update the web site. Some pictures had to be replaced, but were later recovered and put back. If you are reading this page, you will see that some extra pages have been added. Contributions are invited, particularly photographs by E-Mail.

Toys for Boys at Old Christ Church, Waterloo.

31st. Aug & 1st. Sept.

       We again exhibited at this rather magnificent venue. We were allocated 10 tables but effectively lost one when we forced to rearrange our tables. Owing to the date of the event being chosen long before the Premier League arranged its fixtures,  attendance was very poor on Sunday. However, on Saturday, we had numerous interested visitors.  5 members  and one guest exhibited a wide range of models, some of which can be seen in the photographs above. On Saturday, a large number of Plastic Meccano models were built in the Hands-On Workshop, and were inspected by one of the original designers.

Museum of Liverpool 28th. - 30th. August.

The museum decided to celebrate the 150th. Anniversary of the birth of Frank Hornby with a small exhibition to supplement the exhibits on permanent display. Unfortunately, as it was mid-week, we could only raise 4 exhibitors, but nevertheless  were able to make a reasonable job of filling the large room available. The Hornby Railway enthusiasts had a similar problem and could only display a partially  restored 3-Rail Hornby Dublo layout built for display in a shop. On Friday, we were joined by the Museum’s Hands-on Workshop which uses modern metal Meccano.  We were impressed by the models produced, some of which are shown in one of the photographs above. Not shown are models making good use of the range of small flanged plates recently introduced.

Harris Museum, Preston, 22nd. August.      

The Harris Museum in Preston had a temporary exhibit in a darkened room. When you go in, you see an amazing display (Volatile Lights) of coloured lights moving about in complex patterns. When you get used to the light, you can just about make out the arrangement of cable ways and rotating arms to which the lights are attached. It was too dark to see if Meccano parts were used in its construction, but Meccano would be an ideal medium from which to make another one.

The NWMG were asked to do a Hands-On Workshop and arrange a small exhibition. It was held in an education room in which there is a small display of Meccano and Hornby Exhibits. There was a good seal of interest and as can be be seen in one of the photographs above, a large number of models were made,


Guild Meeting  26th. October at the Methodist Hall, Leyland.

26th. November.

     We have recently heard about the death of Jim Mortimer’s wife Margaret. She regularly accompanied Jim at meetings of the Guild until their difficulty in getting about made it impossible.  She, and other ladies accompanying members, formed a lively group for some years.  As you will remember, Jim died earlier this year.